For All Defence Aspirants Climate Change & Global Warming -NCA ACADEMY

For All Defence Aspirants Climate Change & Global Warming -NCA ACADEMY


Climate Change & Global Warming

Climate Change Refers To Any Significant Change In The Measures Of Climate Lasting For An Extended Period Of Time.

Global Warming Refers To Recent And Ongoing Rise In Global Average Temperature Near Earth’s Surface. It Is Caused Mostly By Increasing Concentrations Of Greenhouse Gases In The Atmosphere. Global Warming Is Causing Climate Patterns To Change. However, Global Warming Itself Represents Only One Aspect Of Climate Change.

2015: COP 21,Paris Agreement

The Aim Of The Agreement Is To Strengthen Global Response To The Threat Of Climate Change By Keeping Global Temperature Rise Below 2’c Above Preindustrial Level By 2100.

It Establishes Binding Commitments By All Parties To Prepare Communicate And Maintain Nationally Determined Contributions, NDCs. Also ,The Agreement Provides For The Need To Communicate NDCs Every Five Years And To Provide Information Necessary For Clarity And Transparency.

The Paris Agreement Entered Into Force On 4th November 2016. 174 Parties Have Ratified Out Of 197 Parties To The Convention.

India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCS)

Pointing To The Tripling Of Energy Demands In The Country By 2030,India In Its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions Pledged To Cut Its Emissions Intensity Of GDP By 33-35 % By 2030 From 205 Levels.

Other Goals Mentioned Are:

Meeting 40 % Of The Total Energy Needs From Non- Fossil Sources Of Energy.

Creating 3 Billion Tons Of Co2 Equivalent Of Carbon Sinks In Form Of Forests.

Increasing Biomass Energy Installed Capacity To 10 GW By 2022.

Achieving A Target Of Producing 100 GW Of Solar Energy By 2022.

Aiming To Achieve 60 GW Of Nuclear Power By 2022,Provided Fuel Supply For The Same Is Ensured.


Climate Forcing -Radiative Forcing-It Is Defined As The Difference Of Insolation (Sunlight) Absorbed By The Earth Radiated Back To Space. Climate Forcing Factors Can Be External (Galactic And Orbital Variations ,Sunspots Etc), Orogeny ,Volcanism Albedo ,Atmospheric Composition, Ocean Circulation ,Etc) And Human (Population Growth, Consumption Per Person Etc) Factors.

Polar Amplification-It Refers Climate Change Near The Pole Compared To The Rest Of The Hemisphere Of Globe In Response To A Change In Global Climate Forcing ,Such As The Concentration Of Greenhouse Gases (GHGS) Or Solar Radiation Output.

Carbon Footprint -It Is Defined Ads The Total Amount Of Greenhouse Gases Produced To Directly Or Indirectly Support Human Activities ,Usually Expressed In Equivalent Tons Of Carbon Dioxide (Co2).

Carbon Offsetting-It Means Compensating For Co2Pollution (Carbon Footprint ) By Preventing The Same Amount Of Pollution From Happening Somewhere Else.

More Precisely, One Carbon Offset Means Compensating For Emitting One Tonne Of Co2 Into The Atmosphere By Preventing A Tonne Of Co2 From The Entering The Atmosphere Elsewhere On Earth (For Example ,By Investing In Renewable Energy) Or By Removing A Tonne Of Co2That’s Already Up There (By Supporting Something Like Tree Planting -Since Trees Utilise Co2 For Photosynthesis).

Carbon Sequestration-It Is Capturing The C02 Produced By Burning Fossil Fuels And Storing It Safely Away From The Atmosphere. Importantly, It Is Both A Natural (Photosynthesis)And Artificial (Geologic Sequestration Into Deep Underground Rock Formations)Process In Which Carbon Dioxide Can Be Stored In Either Liquid Or Solid Form.

Carrying Capacity-In Ecological Terms, The Carrying Capacity Of An Ecosystem Is The Size Of The Population That Can Be Supported Indefinitely Upon The Available Resources And Services.

Teleconnection- It Refers To Climate Anomalies Being Related To Each Other At Large Distances.

The Most Symbolic Teleconnection Is The One Linking Sea Level At Tahiti And Darwin, Australia ,Which Defines The Southern Oscillation.

The Link Between EL -Nino And The Indian Monsoon Is Also An Example Of Teleconnection Ecosystem.



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