For all Defence Aspirants Biological Damage Due To Ionizing Radiations

For all Defence Aspirants Biological Damage Due To Ionizing Radiations

Radioactive Pollution

Biological Damage Due To Lionizing Radiations

The Biological Damage Resulting From Ionizing Radiations Is Generally Termed As Radiation Damage.

Large Amounts Of Radiations Can Kill Cells That Can Dramatically Affect The Exposed Organism As Well As Possibly Its Offspring.

Affected Cells Can Mutate And Result In Cancer. A Large Enough Dose Of Radiation Can Kill The Organism.

Radiation Damage Can Be Divided Into Two Types: (A) Somatic Damage (Also Called Radiation Sickness) And  (B) Genetic Damage.

Somatic Damages Refers To Damage To Cells That Are Not Associated With Reproduction.

Effects Of Somatic Radiation Damage Include Reddening Of The Skin, Loss Of Hair, Ulceration Fibrosis Of The Lungs ,Formation Of Holes In Tissue, A Reduction Of White Blood Cells ,And The  Induction Of Cataract In The Eyes. This Damage Can Also Result In Caner And Death.

Genetic Damage Refers To Damage To Cells Associated With Reproduction. This Damage Can Subsequently Cause Genetic Damage From Gene Mutation Resulting In Abnormalities. Genetic Damages Are Passed On To Next Generation.

Half Life Period Of Radio Activity

Each Radio Active Material Has A Constant Decay Rate. Half Life Is The Time Needed For Half Of Its Atoms To Decay. Half Life Of A Radio Nuclide Refers To Its Periods Of Radio Activity. The Half Life May Vary From A Fraction Of A Second To Thousands Of Years.

Half-Life Of A Radio Nuclide Refers To Its Period Of Radio Activity. The Half -Life May Vary From A Fraction Of A Second To Thousands Of Years.

The Radio Nuclides With Long Half Time Are The Chief Source Of Environmental Radio Active Pollution.

Damage Due To Radiation Particles

Alpha Particles, Can Be Blocked By A Piece Of Paper And Human Skin.

Beta Particles Can Penetrate Through Skin, While Can Be Blocked By Some Pieces Of Glass And Metal.

Gamma Rays Can Penetrate Easily To Human Skin And Damage Cells On Its Way Through ,Reaching Far, And Can Only Be Blocked By A Very Thick, Strong, Massive Piece Of Concrete.

Sources Of Radioactive Pollution

Artificial Sources

Accidents In Nuclear Power Plants And Nuclear Waste.

Nuclear Weapon Testing And Explosion(Nuclear Fallout). The Fall Out Contains Radioactive Substances Such As Strontium-90,Cesium-137 Iodine -131 ,Etc.

Uranium Mining And Mining Of Other Radioactive Material Like Thorium. Uranium Contamination Is Well Observed In India.

Slow Nuclear Radiations From A Variety Of Sources Viz. Nuclear Reactors, Laboratories, Hospitals And Direct Exposures To X-Rays Etc.

Natural Sources

They Includes Cosmic Rays From Space And Terrestrial Radiations From Radio-Nuclides Present In Earth’s Crust Such As Radium-224 ,Uranium-238, Thorium-232, Potassium-40,Carbon-14 ,Etc.

Some Species Of Animals And Plants Preferentially Accumulate Specific Radioactive Materials. E.G., Oysters Deposit 65Zn Fish Accumulate 55Fe Marine Animals Selectively Deposit 90Sr.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

The Discarded And End-Of-Life Electronic Products Ranging From Computers, Equipment ,Home Appliances, Audio And Video Products And All Of Their Peripherals Are Popularly Known As Electronic Waste( E-Waste).

E-Waste Is Not Hazardous If It Is Stocked In Safe Storage Or Recycled By Scientific Methods Or Transported From One Place To The Other In Parts Or In Totality In The Formal Sector. The E-Waste Can, However ,Be Considered Hazardous If Recycled by primitive methods. For more information into various courses click on the follwoing link

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