For Afcat important Dates to Remember-NCA Academy

For Afcat important Dates to Remember-NCA Academy


Jan 1- army medical corps establishment day

Jan 8- African national congress day

Jan 10- world laughter day

Jan 11 -death anniversary of lal bahadur shastri

JAN 12-National youth day (birth day of swami Vivekananda

Jan 15 -army day

Jan 23 -netaji subhash Chandra bose’s birth anniversary

Jan 25 -international customs duty day, national voter day, India tourism day republic day

Jan 28 -birth anniversary of lala Lajpat rai

Jan 30 -(martyr’s day ) mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom day; world leprosy eradication day

Feb 2 -national day of sri lanka

Feb 2 -world wetlands day

Feb 5 -Kashmir day(organised by Pakistan)

Feb 13- Sarojini Naidu’s birth anniversary

Feb 14 -St. Valentine’s day

Feb 28 -national science day (on the discovery of Raman effect by Dr.C.V Raman in 1928)

Mar 3 -national defence day

Mar 4 –national security day

Mar 8  -international women’s day

Mar 9 -CISF raising day

Mar 12- Mauritius day; central industrial security force day

Mar 15 -world consumer day

Mar 16 -national vaccination day

Mar 19 -world disabled day

Mar 21 -world forestry day

Mar 22 -world day for water

Mar 23 -world meteorological day

Mar 24 -world TB day

Mar 26 -Bangladesh liberation day

April 5 -national maritime day

April 7 -world health day

April 13- Jallianwala Bagh massacre day (1919)

April 14 -B.R Ambedkar remembrance day; fire extinguishing day

April 18 -world heritage day

April 22 -world earth day

April 23 -world books day

May 1 -international labour day (may day)

May 3 -international energy day

May 8 -international red cross day(it is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the red cross organisation jean henry dunant), migratory birds day

May 11- national technology day

May 15 -international family day

May 17 -world telecom day

May 24 -commonwealth day

May 31 -world no tobacco day

June 5 -world environment day

June 21- international yoga day

June 23 -international widow day

June 27 -world diabetes day

June 1 -doctor’s day

July 4 -American independence day

July 11- world population day

July 12 -malala day

July 26 -Cargill victory day

Aug 6 -Hiroshima day

Aug 9 -quit India movement day

Aug 12- international youth day

Aug 14 -Pakistan’s independence day

Aug 15 -India’s independence day

Aug 19 -world photography day

Aug 20 -sadabhavna divas

Aug 29 -sports day(dhyanchand’s birthday)

Aug 30 -small industry day

Sept 5 -teacher’s day

Sept 7 -forgiveness day

Sept 8 -international literacy day

Sept 14- Hindi day, world first aid day

Sept 15 -international; day of democracy

Sept 16 -world ozone day

Sept 21 -world alzheimer’s day

Sept 25 -social justice day

Sept 27 -world tourism day

Oct 1 -international day for the elderly (UN)

Oct 2 -Gandhi Jayanti, international non-violence day

Oct 3 -world nature day

Oct 4 -world animal day

Oct 5 -world habitat day; world teacher’s day

Oct 6 -world wildlife day

Oct 8 -Indian air force day

Oct 9 -world postal day

Oct 10- world mental health day; national post day

Oct 12 -world sight day

Oct 13 -world calamity control day (UN)

Oct 14 -world standards day

Oct 15 -world white cane day (guiding the blind)

Oct 17 -international poverty eradication day)

Oct 20 -national solidarity day (china attacked India on that day)

Oct 24 -united nations day

Oct 30 -world thrift day

Oct 31 -national integration day (in memory of Indira Gandhi)

Nov 7 -infant protection day; world cancer awareness day

Nov 9 -pravasiya bharatiya divas/legai services day

Nov 10- transport day

Nov 14 -children’s day /world diabetics day

Nov 17 -guru nanak dev’s birth anniversary

Nov 30 -flag day

Nov 26 -law day

Dec 1 -world’s AIDS day

Dec 2 -national pollution control day

Dec 3 -Bhopal gas tragedy day

Dec 4 -navy day

Dec 7 -armed forces flag day

Dec 10- human rights day

Dec 11 -UNICEF day

Dec 14 -national energy conservation day

Dec 19 -goa’s liberation day

Dec 22 -mathematics day(in the memory of  Ramanujan )

Dec 23 -kisan divas(farmer’s day)

Er. HartaJ is one of the main Instructors and a part of the team At NCA. He himself has cleared the SSB process thrice, but as per his grandfather's Late Lt. Col H.S.Dhaliwal Wish he is continuing teaching and making officers. Been associated with New Careers Academy for the last 8 years, he also has been succefull in making Second and Third Generation Of officers. Once Taught by his Grandfather and Father Capt. Dhaliwal. He is know all across with students for the way he teaches and he is more of a role model for them .