Five essential Things one needs to prepare before the S.S.B. Interview Process

Five essential Things one needs to prepare before the S.S.B. Interview Process

Five essential Things one needs to prepare before the S.S.B. Interview Process


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What are the essential requirement one needs to prepare before the Interview ?

There are certainly some things which  candidate need to keep in mind before going for the Interview and one needs to about the Organisation one is going to join. Hence a Candidate needs to know certain things about the organisation for sure . These are

1,The various Commands and Headquarters of the various services
2.The Ranks in Order of the organisation one will be a part of be it Indian Navy, Indian Army or Indian Airforce
3. Who is the Present Chief of Staff ?
4. Recent Defence deals if done recently (example raffle deal recently )
5. Various Parts In the organisation like ( for example Navy, one can be asked the various type of Naval ships ex. destroyer, submarine , frigates, aircraft carrier etc.)

Also if one is from the defence back ground and has gone for the SSB he/she is likely to be asked the following question .


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5 things candidates with defence background must prepare

1.They should know the complete details of the rank retired or serving, the  year of joining services.
2. Details about the Unit/Squadron deployed in
3. Ranks of that very organisation your parent or sibling is in
4. f you are joining some other organisation then why so ? ( for example you are planning to join Indian airforce and your father was in Indian Army then what is the reason for this change )
5. Everything can be asked related to your fathers line of work his posting to the courses he did in the services . How does that inspire you to join the services and how does being in a defence establishment help you towards joining the services ?

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