Does India need UNSC permanent seat ?

Does India need UNSC permanent seat ?


Does India Need Permanent Membership of UNSC?

First lets start with the detail of the UNSC . What is United Nations Security Council and what is its significance?

United Nation Security Council (UNSC) is a powerful lobby was formed soon after the second world war with the purpose of maintaining international peace and security in the world. It has lobby comprising of  five permanent members ( Russia,USA,China,UK and France)  and ten non permanent members whereas the 5 permanent members enjoys the veto power. UN has emerged as one of the topmost global platforms to present and discuss one of the many global critical issues while, UNSC has developed itself into a very powerful body which  decides on the International peace and Prosperity of the world.
Now after almost seven decades of it first coming to formation, there are talks about UNSC and about its restructuring . India is a pretty much a very powerful contender for the permanent membership seat because of various reasons such as its growing economic size, a very large population, it being a major contributor to the  peacekeeping operations and it has been emerging global in world geo-political realm. Even Super Power countries like USA and Russia has vehemently supported India’s claim to be a member in the  permanent halls of UNSC.

We do Not need it
The crux  to this viewpoint maybe very much subjective from the Indian viewpoint. First of all the strength of The UNSC  itself has deteriorated post the Soviet disintegration era. The world has now become multipolar and the concerns of security is now not in the hands of very powerful countries at all. In the last few decades UN has repeatedly failed and it has failed miserably on issues such as that of Syria,Crimea etc. The world peace is now no longer in the hands of UN as a controlling body now while we may still see as to how unstable our middle East and African regions have become . The fears of ISIS creates tremors in our mind.
Then we have an opposing  group in which countries like Pakistan is also a part too it is a major hinderance to our claim to the membership. And on top of that to get support of two thirds I.e. 129 among 193 is by no means a child’s play. Even if we get this majority but hardly it seems that any of the new members will get any power to veto citing responsibility and historical strings attached . We should also remember that we are not part of NPT yet.

While we have many of our own problems to tackle at national level such as  poverty to illiteracy, we must pull all efforts and become a more global arm/voice  on many other type od platforms having the same stature. Although if we want to become a part and we need to use our foreign policy experts in such a coherent way that we may win the seat which will only bring further reputation to our country. But we must avoid this whole tendency of hyping to be a member of the unsc permanently. In the true sense we are the land from where gandhiji originated who have taught us how to use non violence to bring global peace. In a similar effort we must make our efforts and bring global Peace whether being a permanent member of unsc or not. These true efforts are required.

Merely adding symbolism to the nation’s glory is a political stunt. In a multipolar world at present we need to strengthen our ever present foreign policy and win as many friends as we can possibly make. We must try winning  the war before it is actually has been fought. That’s the real test of a country and thats what we need to be good at.

The permanent membership of the UN will help India as-

1.It would help India as to veto any resolution which comes  against the interest of India.

2.It would also help India to have a greater say in  the international matters and it will help increase the prestige of India as one of the emerging  global powers in the world.

3. Veto Power – This can be helpful to India in resolving  issues such as  Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, String of Pearls etc. The membership without power to veto will not be of that importance.

4.. India is the 2nd largest democracy in the  entire world. It is emerging very strongly  economically. In the current age of globalisation, It would really help India to further its interest around the world at its will.

5. India has always been an advocate to the  world peace. The term “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” has been a major guiding principle for us. Its been a place of the world’s oldest civilization. Its presence in the UNSC would give a certain fillip in making a world a better place.

6. India is a very much a diverse country. We have various religions staying together in communal harmony. We are one of the worlds most successful democracy. Our experience would be very helpful to world at large.


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