Do Students with high marks get rejected at the SSB ?

The Chief of Army Staff, General Dalbir Singh, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha and the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R.K. Dhowan paying homage at Amar Jawan Jyoti on the occasion of 67th Army Day, in New Delhi on January 15, 2015.

It is a generally seen that candidates who score pretty high marks tend to have bookish knowledge and hence they tend to devote a lot of their energies on studies.

Whereas in the defence forces at the service selection boards are looking for persons who are not only pragmatic but also have the know how to lead with examples. They want candidates who can work in tough conditions and also with little or no resources at there disposal.

The proper meaning of a true candidate should be that he/she would tactful having a know how as to work and getting the work done . This is very essential for becoming of an officer hence, we see that such things are generally observed in candidates who are not that high scores. Hence this myth about high scorers tends to stand true in large number of cases..
You can also look at the qualities one needs to develop in himself .

Here are a few Personality TraitsTypes of Personality Traits required to clear the SSB Interviews
There are many different personality types, and it is sometimes difficult to classify a person into a single type as there are many different personality traits you can possess.
Personality traits are simply:
• Actions
• Attitudes
• Behaviours you possess
Positive Personality Traits
Some personality traits are positive:
• Being honest no matter what the consequences are is one personality trait people should aspire to.
• Having responsibility for all of your actions and being a little bit of a perfectionism are also personality traits.
• Adaptability and compatibility are great and can help you get along with others.
• Having the drive to keep going, and having compassion and understanding are positive personality traits.
• Patience is a virtue and also another trait.
• Getting up the courage to do what’s right in those tough situations and loyalty to your friends and loved ones are also personality traits.

Some Negative Personality Traits could be
Other personality traits are negative. For example:
• Laziness
• Picky
• Sullen
• Pompous
• Dishonesty
• Finicky
• Sarcastic
• Arrogant
• Cowardly
• Sneaky