Current Affairs Quiz for NDA, CDS, AFCAT & IAS

Current Affairs Quiz for NDA, CDS, AFCAT & IAS



Question 1-10

Question 1.The Lead Bank scheme, launched way back in 1969, has been extended to urban areas. The basic aim of this Scheme is—

I. big banks should try to open offices in each district.

II. to increase financial inclusion.

III. provide loan for agricultural activities only.

IV. open up bank accounts of BPL only.

Which of the above statements are correct?

A.    (a) I, II and III

B.    (b) I and IV

C.    (c) I and II

D.    (d) I and III

Question 2. Recently the Copyright Rules, 2013 have been notified by the Copyright Division, Department of Higher Education, and Ministry of Human Resource Development. Consider the following statements about the copyright policy:

I. The Copyright Rules, 2013 provide new rules for broadcasting literary and musical works.

II. Copyright is also applicable to computer programs and software development.

Which of the above statements are incorrect?

A.    (a) Only I

B.    (b) Only II

C.    (c) Both I and II

D.    (d) Neither I nor II

Question 3.  Asiatic lions will now have a second home in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno wildlife sanctuary as the apex court permitted their relocation in limited numbers from Gujarat’s Gir forest. The reason behind the relocation is:

I. Gir lions come from a very narrow genetic base thus makes them vulnerable.

II. The population of lions has increased in Gir forest thus they need a second home for living.

Which of the above statements are correct?

A.    (a) Only I

B.    (b) Only II

C.    (c) Both I and II

D.     (d) Neither I nor II

Que. 4.     The GOI is constructing “Rashtriya Smriti Sthal” on the banks of River Yamuna which will be the permanent place for holding last rites of national leaders. It will include:

I. Presidents and Vice Presidents.

II. Prime Ministers.

III. Any other leader of national importance as approved by the Government.

Which of the above are correct?

A.    (a) I & II

B.    (b) II & III

C.    (c) I & III

D.     (d) All of the above.

Que. 5.      Telecom carriers Vodafone Group of the U.K., Telekom Malaysia from Malaysia, Omantel from Oman, Etisalat from the UAE, Reliance Jio Infocomm from India and Dialog Axiata from Sri Lanka have formed a consortium to set up Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG) submarine cable system to link Malaysia and Singapore to the Middle East. It will pass through which Indian cities?

A.    (a) Mumbai and Tuticorin

B.    (b) Mumbai and Mangalore

C.    (c) Mumbai and Chennai

D.    (d) Thiruvanthapuram and Cochin

Que. 6.     The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) released the survey conducted under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, regarding the key indicators of drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and housing condition in India on 24 December 2013. Which of the following statements regarding the survey findings is/are correct?

I. In Kerala rural household are the worst hit with only 29.5 percent having access to safe drinking water whereas in Tamil Nadu it was 94 percent.

II. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are above national average in respect of people having access to safe drinking water.


A.    (a) Only I

B.    (b) Only II

C.    (c) Both I & II

D.    (d) Neither I nor II

Que. 7.  Which of the following statements regarding RV Samudra Ratnakar is/are correct?

I. RV Samudra Ratnakar state of art Geoscientific research vessel is specially designed to carry out sea bed-mapping, mineral exploration in the deep waters along with geo-scientific oceanography researches.

II. RV Samudra Ratnakar was built at world’s largest Ship building yard of Ulsan, South Korea.

III. The Geological Survey of India entered into an agreement with Shipping Corporation of India for the management, operations as well as maintenance of Samudra Ratnakar


A.    (a) I & II

B.    (b) I & III

C.    (c) II & III

D.    (d) All of the above

Que. 8.     As a measure to enhance participation of citizens, especially the youth, in the democratic electoral process, the ECI decided to celebrate 25th January, its Foundation Day, as the National Voters’ Day (NVD) every year, starting from 25th January 2011. The theme for the 4th NVD which was celebrated on 25th January, 2011 was

A.    (a) Ethical Voting

B.    (b) My Vote, My Right

C.    (c) Proud to be a Voter

D.    (d) Ready to Vote

Que. 9.     To ensure the socio-economic development of women in rural areas, the National Mission for Empowerment of Women is promoting a model intervention project. At the heart of the project — launched in 21 districts nationwide is the women’s centre which is called–

A.    (a) Poorna Shakti Kendra

B.    (b) Shakti Kendra

C.    (c) Sampoorna Shakti Kendra

D.    (d) Divya Shakti Kendra

Que. 10. Which of the following statements regarding Land Acquisition Act, 2013 is/are incorrect?

I. Land owners are entitled to get compensation of up to four times of the market value for land acquired in rural areas, and three times the market value in urban areas.

II. The consent of 75% of land owners is mandatory for acquiring land for private projects.

III. For public-private projects, the consent of 70% of land owners is mandatory for acquiring the land.

A.    (a) I & II

B.    (b) I & III

C.    (c) II & III

D.    (d) All are true

Ans 1. correct Ans.     C

Exp. Objectives of Lead Bank Scheme: Eradication of unemployment and underemployment. Appreciable rise in the standard of living for the poorest of the poor and provision of some of the basic needs of the people who belong to poor sections of the society.

Ans 2. Correct Ans c.
Ans.3     A  Exp. Asiatic lions are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to their small population. Wildlife census data shows just 400 lions in Gir forest.

Ans 4.  Ans (d)
Exp. The “Rashtriya Smriti Sthal” is to be the permanent place for holding last rites of departed national leaders like Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers and such other leaders as approved by the Government.

Ans 5. (c)

Ans 6– (C)

Ans 7 – (D)

Ans 8 – (a)

Ans 9 – (c)

Ans10 – (a)

Exp. (i) For urban areas it is upto two times of the market value.

(ii) Consent of 80% is required for private projects.




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