Current Affairs Notes for Upcoming CDS Paper (Biodiversity and Committees)

Current Affairs Notes for Upcoming CDS Paper (Biodiversity and Committees)

Current Affairs Notes for Upcoming CDS Paper (Biodiversity and Committees)


With the recent trend followed in the UPSC Pre paper we are lining up the same set of current affairs notes for the CDS/NDA Aspirants

From the mangrove beach during low tide

From the mangrove beach during low tide


Agasthyamala :- Indian “agasthyamala biosphere reserve (ABR)” is among 20 new sites added by the UN’s top cultural body (UNESCO) to world network of biosphere reserve.
The international co-ordinary council added the new sites during a 2 day meeting held in LIMA, capital of peru
The ABR comes the shendurney and deppara wild life sanctuaries and parts of neyyar sanctuary in Kerala and the kabkad mandantheri tiger reserve of T.N.
With this 10 out of 18 India’s biosphere reserve have made the list
It is located south-west of western ghats between T.N and kerala
29 species are endemic to it

India added 445 species in 2015:- 4 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, 20 species of fishes, 3 species of wild ganga. The figure modules 262 animal species and 183 plant species.
Notable amonst this:-
A rock Gecko found in kanber, chattisgarh
FROG SPECIES in western ghats
SHINY fish in western ghats
In plants:-
New species of ginger in south GARO
A species of mushrooms found north Sikkim at an altitude 2,829m

HYDRA can defy death
New research has confirmed that the tiny hydra- a um long polyp that inhabits fresh water all over the world does not show any signs of deteriorating with age , and in idle conditions may fits line forever.
These organize are made of stern cells , with very few fully differentiated cells. Stern cells have the ability to continuously divide and hence hydras body is continuously renewed.

Nilgiri- TN,Karnatka,kerla
Gulf of mamman- TN
Sunder bans – WB
Nanda devi – UK
Panchmarhi- MP
Simpipal- orrisa
Achanakmar – amarkanthak- MP
Agashyamalr- TN,kerla
Great nicobar- Andaman & nicobar

More about the MAB programme:–  the MNB programme develops the basic caution the natural and social sciences for the rational and sustainable use. And conservation of the resource of biosphere- and also there improvement of the overall relationship b/w people and thereby increase people’s ability to effictantly manage natural resourse for well –being of both human pop & the environment.


BB Tandon committee:– the IB ministry has constructed a 3 member team, head by former chief election commissioner (CEC) BB Tandon, to see the guidelines set for Govt. advertisement by the SC are followed;
Other member are TV journalist Rajat Sharma & adman piyush pandey
In 2015, SC laid norms for GOVT. advertisements
In may 2015, SC banned publications of photos of leader of G0vt advertisement except those of president, PM and chief justice of India.
This new set of guidelines of the report provided by prof NR Madhava Mrnon. The court however ,modified the order to include photos of CM’s ,ministers as well as other important members.

The central gov. has setup a panel to suggest ways to double farm incomes by 2022.
The panel is headed by Ashok Dalwai who is an additional secretary at the agricultural ministry.
The guideline principle would be to diversity risks in farming and check out ways in which integrated farming, food grains,horticulture and allied attributes can boast farm income.

MADHUKAR GUPTA Committee:– Govt has setup a high level committee to suggest ways to strengthen the security along the border with Pakistan and address the issue of gaps and nuclear ability in border facing.
Committee headed by former secretary Madhukar Gupta.

SHYAM Bengal committee report:– a committee headed by noted film-member Shyam B engal has submitted its report, which has been tasked to revamp the censor board.
Key recommendations:-
CBFC should only br film certification body,it scope should be reduced on the age group and maturity factor.
The board can refuse certification when a film contains contrivances the provision of cinematography act- it can also refuse certification if the film content crosses the limit

PRAKASH SINGH  committee:- haryana govt has appointed PRAKASH SINGH , a retired IPS officer, to imagine into the acts of commission on part of all officer and official of both police and level administration during the JAT reservation.

NK Singh committee:- the govt has constructed a five member committee headed by a bureaucrat turned politician NK Singh to review the Fiscal Reforms and budget management (FRBM) act and suggest possible changes
Apart from Singh,other members include chief economic adviser ARVIND subramamum, RBI Gov urgit patel
The panel has been tasked with suggesting changes beeping in view the board objection of fiscal consolidation and prudence. In addition, it will review the consideration going into determine the FRBM targets and the factors of having a fiscal deficit range.

SANJAY MITAI committee:- the ministry of road transport and highways has constructed a 3 member committee to prepare a policy framework for taxi and other transport service.
Panel is headed by secretary, minister of road transport & highways sanjay mitia and have joint secretary, min. of road transport and highways.

DB Shekatkar committee:– the committee is an 11 member committee of experts on defence spending headed nby it. DB shekatkar with top ministry officers and veteran experts.


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