Current Affairs Notes for NDA/CDS Part 2 Various Schemes launched under BJP Gov.

Current Affairs Notes for NDA/CDS Part 2 Various Schemes launched under BJP Gov.

With the recent trend followed in the UPSC Pre paper we are lining up the same set of current affairs notes for the CDS/NDA Aspirants ..
Part 2 of various Schemes launched 




Ministry of Rural Development


Aim- To provide connectivity by MAY of an all weather road. Under PMGSY, the unit of programme is a habitation and not a revenue village.
Achievements of PMGSY
the Govt. has advanced the decision to advance the completion target by the end of 2019 instead of 2022
for 2 consecutive financial years i.e. 2014-15 and 2015-16, 100km of PMGSY roads has been constructed every day as compared to 73.5km during 2011-2014. Target is to reach 130km/day by 2016-17
MNREGA is a flagship programme of the Govt. that aims of enhancing livelihood security of household in rural areas of the country by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year.
Achievement under MNREGA
during 2014-15 and 2015-16 till april end,nearly 8.9cr rural households have been given employment
focus on sbilling of MNREGA workers. 18 lakh youth in skilled phase
55% women in MNREGA
Nearly 61% of total expenditure has been on activities selected to aquiculture and allied sectors
95% wages have gone directly into the accounts of workers
The rural housing scheme- Indira Awas Yojna (IAY) has been transformed into this. The objective is housing for all by 2022
Main features:-
Providing assistance for construction of 100cr rural houses in rural areas for a period of 3years
Enhanced of unit assistance from 270,000 to 2120000 in plains and 21.30 lakhs in hills
To extend benefits of IAY to the families of Tibetian refugees ( even if not BPL)
Ensure courage of manual scavengers on priority
The money is sent electronically using awaas soft-PMAY platform
Mobile app “AWASS APP’ was introduced for inspection and monitoring of house construction
A study has also been launched to study house designs acc. To diff. geo- climatic conditions
4. DEANDAYAL Antyodaya YOJANA- national rural livelihood mission(DAY-NRLM)
It has been renamed from NRLM to DAY-NRLM. Its aim is to reach out to 8-9cr rural people, households and to organize them into womens self help groups (SHG) enabling them to access financial resources, improve their livelihoods. There are 26lakh SHG’S across INDIA.
5.  Deendayal Upadhyaya Grameen kaushal Yojna (DDU-GKY)
It is the placement linked skill development implemented on the PPP mode, it targets rural youth from poor families in the age group of 15 to 35 years
3.56 lakh youth trained,out of whom 1.88 lakh has been placed in jobs with a minimum salary of 6000/month

It was launched on the 21st Feb 2016. Aims at development of rural growth elements where have latent potential for growth in all states and UT’s, which would trigger overall development in the region. Its objective was to develop a elites of surest villages.
7.  Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna (SAGY)
It was launched on 11th oct 2014 with the aim to develop one village by each member of parliament as a model village by 2016 and 2 more by 2019. The following are the achievements and activities under programme.
Adoption of gram panchayats by members of parliament:- members of both ht houses of parliament have together adopted 699 gram panchayats under PHASE-1 and 48 under PHASE-2 of yojna.
Capacity building of key stakeholders:- under the comprehensive capacity building plan (SAMARTHYA). Organized training programmes on prepcrtion of village development plan through participatory planning in related areas of SAGY at 8 regional locations.
Village development plan (VDP):- the gram panchayats adopted under SAGY prepare village development plans (VDP) and a total of 37,394 projects have been planned under SAGY. $ basic services viz,power,drinking water,roads and education in all SAGy GPS.
NSAP is a social security/social village programme applicable to old aged,widows,disabled persons and belonging to below purity line household. NSAP at present compromise of 5 sub-schemes namely i.e. Indira Gandhi national old age pension scheme-
Indira Gandhi national widow pension scheme
Indira Gandhi national disability pension scheme
National family bonito scheme
Annapurna scheme
These schemes of NSAP are implemented in both urban and rural areas.
9.  SOCIO Economic and caste census (SECC- 2011)
The ministry of rural development conducted a combined census namely ‘socio-economic and caste census’ for collecting socio-economic and caste data of households across the country
The SECC-2011 (rural) has provided broad SOCIO-economic data base which can be used for audience based formation of social sector programmes for the holistic development of targeted population as well as bringing overall improvement in the garrulity of like of the misaligned and deprived sectors of the society who are specifically targeted under these programmes.

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