counter questions asked at the ssb by the i.o., Interview questins asked by the i.o.

counter questions asked at the ssb by the i.o., Interview questins asked by the i.o.



Earlier on the blog we had mentioned about the various rapid fire questions asked by the I.O. During the SSB in response to that a number of counter questions can be asked by the I.O. Give on the following link

Here is a look into the various questions asked by the I.O.

 Counter questions which can be asked by the i.o. on the basis of your answers:

What was the reason as to why your % is less in class 10th/12th ?
Why have you recorded less marks in your favorite subject?
Why have  you stopped playing abc games  in college?
How did you manage to prepare for abc competitive exam?
What according to you was the reason for failure in the xyz competitive exam?
Why did you not try for NDA after 12th if you were keen to join the Indian Defence Forces?
What was the reason behind your failure in the NDA Examination?
What was the reason for  your %age being less in graduation?
Why did you choose a job which is different from what you have studied, why did you not join in your core field of study ?
What is the reason as to why you are not pursuing a job after graduation ?
What competitive exams have you been preparing for?
What are your career options if not a Defence officer?
What are your future plans ?
What is the reason as to why abc is your best friend?
What qualities are you looking in your friend?
What bad habits do you think your friends have?
Do you booze, smoke,or have you gone to prostitutes?
What do your friends think about you?
What is the abc rule in the game you pursue?
Say you have to organise a game in your college how would you do it?
Tell something about the latest international news?
Do you know about “abc” who was in news recently what was it?
What i the reason for your GK being so weak ?
Since you are an electrical engineering, define current for me?
What are things you know about the Indian Army?
I feel that you are not fit enough for defence officer, what do you think?
Give me the dimensions of the xyz game court?
Give me the best and worst part about your current job?
What was the reason you failed in previous SSB attempts?
Tell me something more about your hobby of xyz ?
What is the reason you want to join the  defence forces?
What next if you do not get recommend this time?
Are there any question you would like to ask me ?

We here at NCA like our students have instinctive and clear answers along with the answers according to ones personality be honest at the same time be ready to mould or your present your answer in the better way…
You can always discuss your answers which you have a doubt with in the comment section and we can help you with it.

Capt. N.S. Dhaliwal

Director New Careers Academy