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We are starting off-line CDS Coaching classes together every Monday. Following Steps will be followed for registration:

  • Get registered by paying 1000. (Registrations are now open).
  • We will be sending you a test for the respective course online.
  • You will have one day to finish the Test Online (accordingly scholarship will be awarded).
  • After the result you can complete your final Registration.
  • Joining in will be in staggered groups with regards to covid 19 protocols.

SEATS will be limited and the social distancing norms to be followed . Not more than 30 in a batch.

Join Us to Secure a Minimum 120+ in your CDS written exam. Become an Officer. Also look into our previous results and hear from Our Boys Who Are Officers. Our Results Speak for Themselves. 52 glorious years 38000+ Selections.

CDS Coaching India

CDS Coaching India

Combined Defence Services Examination: What is CDS (I) and (II) Exam?

The CDS examination also known as the combined defence service examination is conducted twice a year by the UPSC i.e. Union Public service commission. It is for the recruitment into the armed forces that is, Indian military Academy, officers training Academy, Indian Naval Academy and the Indian Air Force Academy.

For Indian Army, The examination of the UPSC CDS is conducted through IMA and OTA examinations.

Indian Military Academy: A brief Preview of IMA Dehradun

Indian military Academy will be joined by the candidate after clearing his I’m examinations. The candidate needs to be in either last year of graduation or should have completed his graduation. The duration for the training is 1.5 years for IMA Cadets. The Moto of IMA is valour and wisdom. Once you clear your IME once commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Indian Army.

The IMA Commission is a permanent commission.

Best CDS Coaching in India
CDS OTA Coaching

Officers Training Academy: A brief Preview of OTA Chennai

The officers training Academy is an establishment of the Indian Army training officers for the short service commission. It is open for both boys and girls. Its Moto is served with honour. Academy was established in 1963. The candidates are to go through 49 week course and all the candidates are commissioned into all branches of the Indian Army. This commission has a short service type commission. There are total of six companies according to which the candidates of the OTA are organised.

Air Force Academy: A brief Preview of Indian Air Force Academy Hyderabad

Only those candidates are eligible to CDS who have science background. This paper of UPSC CDS IAF is only eligible for the male candidates. If you clear your CDS Written examination and then clear the SSB Interview. You will be training in this academy for 1 1/2 year and will be going through successive stages of the training of a pilot.

CDS IFA Coaching
CDS INA Coaching

Indian Naval Academy: A brief Preview of INA Ezhimala

Only those candidates are eligible who have in their graduation done engineering. Through the UPSC CDS Paper one can apply for this academy. Another, important aspect is that only male candidates are eligible. The process remains the same first is clearing your UPSC CDS (INA) written examinations and then clearing your SSB interview. Once the candidate completes that. The candidate will be undergoing a training period of 1.5 years in the academy to boost and sharpen his skills. The Moto of this academy has become immortal through knowledge.

Why are we The Best CDS Coaching Academy in India?

NCA Academy has produced results over the past 52 years with more than 38,000 selections. The most important thing about knowing that CDS Paper is that the GK section will be in accordance to the UPSC standards. So one cannot learn basic stuff and expect to pass the CDS UPSC Paper.

This is where we at NCA step in and provide you with the most best quality notes . You have limited content to read but the best content. We guarantee 80% to 70% will come through a notes for the CDS GK exam. Beware of fake institutions claiming hundred percent from notes. The UPSC paper will have information which would be very difficult also. For your ease we have provided you with earlier GK papers. You can click on the following and get to see the standard of the paper.

Top Reasons to claim NCA Academy The Best CDS Coaching Institute in India

As stated earlier 70 to 80% of GK will be from onwards.
In case of English and mathematics 90% will come through our notes or on the same basic pattern.
Knowing the Cds Paper one has to have extensive knowledge and deep knowledge of the subjects. We at NCA provide you with the best teachers to make your learning easier and simpler.
Our tests have extensive knowledge of the CDS Exam and if you score you score more than 50% in a test we guaranteed a selection in the CDS Written Paper.

NCA Academy is one of the leading institutes in India to provide coaching CDS to aspirants across India. NCA Academy specializes in training students for CDS commission in Indian army. We believe in imparting best of knowledge regarding entrance exam for CDS through our accomplished and highly qualified staff. We take proud in mentioning success rate of our students in cracking entrance test of CDS, NDA, SSB, AFCAT and PABT. We are providing best coaching in India of CDS to crack entrance with good score. We are providing CDS Coaching with following concerns like:

Indoor and outdoor activities are also included in extra curriculum activities to train students for efficient results.

Our infrastructure of coaching institute is organized with the environment of hostel/ mess. All facilities are provided within campus.

Faculty being the experienced and professional provide great basics of all subjects thoroughly as we believe in practice makes perfect.

Revision and doubt classes along with mock test are organized in institute for better efficient and best results in CDS.

FAQs on CDS Examination

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    what is the educational qualification required for the CDS Examination?
    The minimum requirement to apply for the UPSC CDS examination is that you need to be a graduate or you need to be in the last year of graduation. There is no percentage criteria. That means, all you require is a recognised degree. From a recognised university.
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    Which stream can apply for the CDS Examination?

    Right. This is one of the questions that a large number of aspirants half. Which stream would be best suited for the CDS Examination. IF YOU WANT TO PURSUE YOUR CAREER IN NAVY AND AIR FORCE IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU HAVE SCIENCE STREAMS. THAT IS BSC OR ENGINEERING. TO PURSUE FOR ARMY YOU CAN HAVE YOUR GRADUATION IN ANY FIELD POSSIBLE.

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    Is there a physical test in CDS examination?

    The UPSC CDSE examination has two parts to it. The first part includes a written paper. The second part is the SSB interview portion. This part has got section in it, which with mean basic physical test

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    Is this CDS examination tougher than NDA written examination?

    The answer is both yes and no. Why you may ask? Well, let us explain it. The NDA paper has a tough a mathematics section. Whereas in CDS examination, the GK section would be tougher. So in comparison the time devoted for both the papers needs to be the same.

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    Is mathematics compulsory For CDS Examination?

    Well, if you are preparing to go for permanent commissions. That is, IMA/AFA/INA.
    It is compulsory for you to attempt the mathematics section. But, if you are applying for short service commission you do not require applying for or attempting the CDS mathematics paper.

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    How much percentage is required for CDS Written examinations?

    When to apply for the CDS examinations one just needs to clear his graduation and pass the examination. The percentage is not a criteria you may be having 40% even then you can clear the CDS written examination paper.

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    What rank does one get after CDS written examination?

    Well, the different stages of clearing the CDS Paper go as the following. Stage one, clearing the CDS written examination paper. Stage II, clearing the SSB interview. Stage three, clearing your medicals. Stage four, finally making it to the merit list. And the final stage, clearing your training spirit period. It is now you’ll be given the rank of lieutenant.

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    Is science compulsory for giving the CDS written examination paper?

    One can choose any graduation subject and sit in for the CDS written examination paper.

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    Can a BA graduate student apply for the CDS examinations?

    Yes, a BA graduate student can’t sit in for the CDS written examination paper. But, the BA graduate is only eligible for the IMA paper and the OTA written paper.

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    Do +2 marks matter in the CDS examination?

    Tell to answer this CDS Written examination paper is held only when a candidate is in last year’s graduation or has finished his graduation. The only requirement is that the candidate should be 12th standard passes. Any candidate possessing these qualities is automatically eligible for the CDS written examination.

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    Can the girls apply for the CDS written examination?

    Yes the girl candidates can apply for the CDS Written examination. But, they are only eligible for the short service commission that is, OTA written examination.

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    Can a 24-year-old give the CDS Written examination?

    Sorry, if you’re age 24 at the time of filling of the application form. The chances are you will not be eligible for the CDS Written examination. The reason for this is the day you need to step in to the academy you need to be below 25 years of age. But, the process from filling the form to joining the academy takes over a year. , Hence, if you are 24+ at the time of filling the form hundred percent chances are you will not be eligible for the CDS written examination.

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    What is short service commission OTA entry?

    Commission or the OTA written examination is a part of the UPSC CDS written examination paper. In OTA the candidates can serve 10 years and then take retirement from the armed forces. For this entry both boys and girls are eligible.