CDS Coaching in Chandigarh

NCA Academy, is known as best Academy for CDS Coaching in Chandigarh. we at New Careers Academy provide coaching for CDS(IMA/AFA/OTA/NAVAL ACADEMY)written examinations for the past 49 years .

We have a very accomplished faculty that is highly trained for providing an insight to student regarding CDS(IMA/AFA/OTA/NAVAL ACADEMY)written examinations.

Not only do we provide coaching to students regarding the complete UPSC CDS Syllabus, we also take weekly and monthly mock tests of the students. The monthly mock test being 6 hrs duration as in the case of CDS(IMA/AFA/OTA/NAVAL ACADEMY)UPSC paper.

We analyse each test and also the various portions a student is weak in so that we can help the student, do better and clear the examinations.

We also go through previous years papers with the students and keep introducing a change in our notes every year. So that the students are well accustomed to the changing patterns of the Syllabus and the student can surely achieve success. Notes are provided from our side for all the topics. That is we are the BEST in CDS(IMA/AFA/OTA/NAVAL ACADEMY)coaching all across INDIA. We have students coming from all across india .

Why choose New Careers Academy for CDS coaching ?

  • Estd. in 1967 , we have been providing CDS written coaching for over 5 decades, and not just a year or two ago as various other institutes. Please be aware of such institutes.
  • -We can give in written a candidate will get through provided he gets 35% in our mock tests and monthly papers.
  • -Our notes will carry 90% of the paper that will come in CDSE Examinations.
  • -We are proud to say that over three generation of officers have got through us.
  • -In every batch we have a second or third generation student coming to us for coaching.
  • -We guarantee to teach you Maths short cuts and we can tell you there will be no one better than us.
  • -Our CDSE written batches run through out the year, with no break what so ever.
  • -We have our own hostel and not a PG accommodation so that our students get best of the facilities.
  • -We see to it our students in the hostel study from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. daily in the hostel with us keeping a check on them ( Separate study halls are provided in the hostel).
  • -Separate Hostels for GIRL Candidates.
  • -We teach 240 working hours in a month with no holidays being observed, more than anyone . Classes are held in morning as well evening and 8 hours a day.
  • -All students are required to speak in ENGLISH so that a base can be set up for all students for SSB also, we believe in grooming our students to a level they can all aspire to be .
  • -We are cheapest and yet the best .
  • -The last batch we had 3 students whose fathers took training in ’87 under Col. Dhaliwal, who now are serving in Army , their sons also took coaching from us and now are passed out from IMA or OTA.

Terms and Duration for CDS Coaching

  • -Our batches start 1st and 15 th of every month.The classes are held 8 hours daily with no holidays are observed even national holidays are working for us .
  • -The classes will be from morning 08.00 hours to 13.00 hours and then again from 16.00 to 19.00 hours. Saturdays and Sundays are working for us .

Course Fee

Written Exam : CDS(IMA/AFA/OTA/N.A.) For a month (total working hours 240hrs)

1 Admission Fee                                           Rs. 500.00

2. Monthly Fee (OTA)                                 Rs. 17000.00

3. Monthly Fee (IMA/ACC/CPF)              Rs. 21000.00

3 Hostel Rent (optional)                            Rs. 3500.00

4 Messing Fee( optional)                           Rs. 130.00per day

5 Security                                                      Rs. 500.00 (Refundable)

* No admission fee charged from defence personal and there wards.

* 50 percent off for war widows .

* Group schemes (5 or more candidates Rs. 500 off)

For 3 months (total working hours  720 hrs)

1 Admission Fee                                           Rs. 500.00

2 Monthly Fee (IMA/AFA/N.A)               Rs. 44000.00

3.Monthly Fee (OTA)                                  Rs. 34000.00

3 Hostel Rent (optional)                             Rs. 7000.00

4 Messing Fee( optional)                            Rs. 130.00 per day

5 Security                                                       Rs. 500.00 (Refundable)

Celebrating 50 Glorious years with avail 10% scholarship.

CDS Syllabus

Paper-1 (English) 120 questions total marks 100 (For All) 2 hours paper

  • -Synonyms
  • -Antonyms
  • -Ordering of Words
  • -Comprehension
  • -Spotting Errors

Paper-2 (G.K) 120 questions total marks 100 ( For All) 2 hours paper

  • -History
  • -Current Affairs
  • -Geography
  • -Physics
  • -Chemistry
  • -Biology
  • -Economics

Paper-3 (Maths ) 100 questions total marks 100 (For IMA/N.A./AFA) 2 hours paper

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Arithmetic
  • Mensuration

Frequently asked questions for CDS Coaching

Ques 1. Do we provide coaching in Hindi and English both?

No, we do not provide coaching in Hindi and English . We only provide coaching in ENGLISH .

The reason being even if you clear your Written exams the cds interviews are held in ENGLISH and without a base in english in speaking it becomes difficult for a candidate to express himself better. That is why we advise our student to push for English at a starting stage and not towards the fag end, for which there is no solution.

Ques. 2 Who all can apply for CDS?

Educational Qualifications:

For IMA /OTA: A degree from a recognised University or equivalent.

For Naval Academy: B.Sc. with Physics and/or Mathematics or Bachelor of Engineering.

For Air Force Academy: B.Sc. of a recognized University or equivalent with Physics and/or Mathematics as subjects or Bachelor of Engineering.


For IMA: Unmarried male candidates between 19-24 years on 1st January or 1st July of the year succeeding the year of examination.

For Naval Academy: Unmarried male candidates between 19-22 years on 1st January or 1st July of the year succeeding; the year of examination.

For Air Force Academy: Unmarried male candidates between 19-23 years on 1st January or 1st July of the year succeeding the year of examination.

For Officers Training Academy: Male candidates (married or unmarried) between 19-25 years on 1st January or 1st July of the year succeeding the year of examination.

Ques. 3 Are there any year or six months courses ?

Let us start of by saying that we have been running NDA written coaching Courses for the past 49 years. We have been teaching students and have had a phenomenal record of students who get through and we do not recommend a year long courses. The reason’s being the following :-

The paper Of NDA happens after every 6 months and not after a year, so any one offering you a years course is basically telling you that for sure you wont get through the first term

Ask the person or the institute about the teaching hours covered in the coaching. They would be very less

The candidate also looses a very important year of his life and that year cannot be given back

Ques 4. Why are we providing coaching at much cheaper rates?

It is a myth amongst most students who charge more provide the best, but that is not true. We at New Careers Academy have been providing quality education to all our students, without any compromise in the quality and standards of teachers. We provide the latest teaching techniques with the help of Audio-Visual tools to make the student understand a lot better.

We are following our founding directors Lt. Col. H.S. Dhaliwal message of providing good affordable education to all sections of students which they can afford and not exorbitant rates. We remain committed to the message of ‘Serving Our Country through our students.

Dear Aspirant, if you are looking for CDS Coaching in Chandigarh, So NCA Academy is best option for you.

Batches for NDA 1 commence on the 22nd, 24th , 28th March and 1st April. AFCAT/CDS special classes starting in March, 2018.