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We are starting off-line and online classes together on every Wednesday.  Following Steps will be followed:

  • Get registered by paying 1000. (Registration is now open )
  • Due to Covid Guidelines . We will be keeping limed seats .The following procedure will be followed 
  • We will be sending you a test for the respective course online.
  • You will have one day to finish the Test Online 
  • After the result you can complete your final Registration.
  • Joining in will be in staggered groups with regards to covid 19 protocols.

OFFLINE Interactive Classes for AFCAT 1 2022 Will start on every Wednesday.


Online AFCAT Coaching

Best Online AFCAT Coaching

Join Us to Secure a Minimum 160+ in your AFCAT Exam. Become an Officer.Also look into our previous results and hear from AFCAT 2 2021 Merit Students. Our Results Speak for Themselves. We have had 90% selection rate copy pasted from notes .

All About Airforce Academy And how can One Join Indian Airforce After Graduation

To join Air Force Academy the premium centre for training for Indian Air Force one needs to be either in last year of graduation or should have completed graduation. The Air Force Academy provides training to officers for flying and ground duty technical. Also for non-technical officers. There are two types of commissions available one is short service commission and other one is permanent commission.

CDS IFA Coaching

The training of the Air Force Academy provides for moral values, a sense of honour and duty towards a nation mental and physical strength as well as a will to win among the flying cadets. The curriculum and syllabus are kept according to the changing needs and times. The idea of this academy was conceived as far as 1953 with an aim to provide best of Air Force cadets. The journey spread around 6700 acres of land between the twin city’s of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The Air Force Academy came into existence when the President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain laid its foundation stone on 11 October 1967 the academy has a vision and has sought to provide the best of training under one roof.

AFCAT Coaching At NCA Academy

New Careers Academy is best academy for AFCAT Coaching In Chandigarh. We at New Careers Academy provide coaching for AFCAT written examinations from the commencement of the exam by Air force.

We have a very accomplished faculty that is highly trained for providing an insight to student regarding AFCAT examinations. Not only do we provide coaching to students regarding the complete Syllabus, we also take weekly and monthly mock tests of the students. The monthly mock test being conducted as in the case of this exam. We analyse each test and also the various portions a student is weak in so that we can help the student, do better and clear the examinations.

We also go through previous years papers with the students and keep update our notes every year.

The students are well accustomed to the changing patterns of the Syllabus and the student can surely achieve success. Notes are provided from our side for all the topics.

That is way we are the BEST in AFACT written exam coaching all across INDIA. We have students coming from all across India. Apart from AFCAT Coaching; we also provide NDA ,CDA and SSB coaching in Chandigarh.

We commit is what we offer, we guarantee 90 percent from our notes which no institute guarantees. We have a dedicated faculty and not which is hire and which keeps on changing. Col. Sharma Sir teaches Science to the candidates, Air Force Officer Mandair Sir Social Sciences, Hartaj Sir Maths and Reasoning. Plus this paper is about speed and not about method there can be no one better than in terms of speed and shortcuts.

Hence we say it easily we are the best AFCAT coaching center in India. Plus our MOCK papers will help you evaluate your weakness better. The above videos will help you answer the same. We also advise you not go to Fake Institutions taking our name in that regard as we are them. We have separate classes for all papers and not one classroom where everyone is fit in. BEWARE OF SUCH INSTITUTIONS WANTING TO MAKE QUICK MONEY PLAYING WITH YOUR FUTURE. Also we make sure our students work in night time also and we are there to guide them in the hostel none such institution would even do this.

Why choose New Careers Academy for AFCAT Written Exam Coaching in Chandigarh?

Estd. in 1967, we have been providing AFCAT written coaching for over 5 decades, and not just a year or two ago as various other institutes. Please be aware of such institutes.

We can give in written a candidate will get through provided he gets 35% in our mock tests and monthly papers.

Our notes will carry 90% of the paper that will come in the exam.

We are proud to say that over three generation of officers have got through us.

In every batch we have a second or third generation student coming to us for coaching.

We guarantee to teach you Maths short cuts and we can tell you there will be no one better than us.

Our AFCAT written batches run through out the year, with no break what so ever.

We have our own hostel and not a PG accommodation so that our students get best of the facilities.

We see to it our students in the hostel study from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. daily in the hostel with us keeping a check on them ( Separate study halls are provided in the hostel).

Separate Hostel is provided for Girls.

We teach 240 working hours in a month with no holidays being observed, more than anyone. Classes are held in morning as well evening and 8 hours a day. We have all days working.

All students are required to speak in ENGLISH so that a base can be set up for all students for SSB also, we believe in grooming our students to a level they can all aspire to be.

And the last 10 days before the paper we provide free refresher classes we do this so as to revise everything whatever you have done. NO INSTITUTION PROVIDES THIS WHATSOEVER.

We are the only Institute in which AFCAT Answer keys are taken out as early as possible as we have a mastery on the complete topic.

We are cheapest and yet the best.

Our batches start 1st and 15th of every month. The classes are held 8 hours daily with no holidays are observed even national holidays are working for us. The classes will be from morning 08.00 hours to 13.00 hours and then again from 16.00 to 19.00 hours. Saturdays and Sundays are also working for us.

Why choose NCA Academy for your AFCAT Coaching V/s Others

In Our Online Courses, you get to talk while solving maths rather than message . Can anyone learn maths by messaging if a student is not able to ask a teacher

NCA Academy


Others Institutes

No Proof Just claims

NCA Academy

Shortcut Method For Maths (WATCH HERE)

Others Institutes

Long Method

NCA Academy

Classes Also Recorded So You Can Look At If You Miss Something And Revise

Others Institutes

Old Method, Class Over No Recall

NCA Academy

Experienced Teachers With Skills (SEE STUDENTS TESTIMONIALS)

Others Institutes

Novice Teachers

NCA Academy

Weekly Tests

Others Institutes

No Follow Ups

NCA Academy

Tests Records Stay With us

Others Institutes

No Records

NCA Academy

Test Prepared from Notes Self Made Test

Others Institutes

Copied Test Obsolete Information

NCA Academy

Only Defence Related Coaching

Others Institutes

All Coaching Under 1 Roof From Constable To Clerk To UPSC.

NCA Academy

54 Years Experience Runs By Defence Officers

Others Institutes

New Businessmen New People trying their luck without any prior experience of defence and Running Them

Important Dates as per the AFCAT 1 2022 Notification:

AFCAT 1 2022 Notification Date
Jan 2022
AFCAT 1 2022 Application start date
Jan 2022
Last date for filling the AFCAT 1 2022 Application
Jan Last Week 2022
The date of examination for AFCAT 1 2022
Feb 2021
Till what date can one submit his degree
30th Nov 2022
Education qualification for Flying Branch
12 with physics and maths and above 50% with graduation 60%+ more.
Education Qualification for Ground Duty (tech)
12 with physics and maths and above 50% for AFCAT 1 2022 with graduation 60%+ more in engineering.
Education Qualification for Ground Duty (tech)
60%+ in graduation for AFCAT 1 2022.
Last years cut off for AFCAT 1 2022
157 marks.
Mock test with NCA for AFCAT 1 2022
15 full length mock tests.

AFCAT 1 2022 Coaching Fees Detail


2 Months

Fees (Offline)


Select & Register


4 Months

Fees (Offline)


Select & Register


6 Months

Fees (Offline)


Select & Register

Timings for AFCAT Coaching Classes

Regular classes
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (Mathematics/Reasoning)
10:00 AM - 11:30 PM (Science)
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Social Science)
1:00 PM -3:00 PM (English)
weekend classes
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM (Mathematics/Reasoning)
10:00 AM - 11:30 PM (Science)
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Social Science)
1:00 PM -3:00 PM (English)

What makes the NCA Academy the best AFCAT coaching Academy In india?

NCA is a trademark defence institute with more than 38000 selections in defence forces. Making it the AFACT coaching Institute In India. We are proving this services from the last 52 years and our courses run through out the year with no break at all.

We have produced results which cannot be matched.

More than 60% of our students score more than 200 + marks in the AFACT Written Examinations.

The syllabus is taught in a systematic way and the syllabus is covered twice to three times depending on the course you choose.

The teachers are highly motivated and dedicated and the results speaks for itself.

There are a total of 10 major mock Tests and 60 plus tests taken to get the best out of the candidate.

More than 90 % of the paper will come through our notes. That is a guarantee for sure.

What all Topics will be covered In the AFCAT Examination By NCA Academy?

What makes us the best is that we have a structured course, for AFCAT coaching at NCA Academy For mathematics, weekly and daily tests of the topic will be taken and no topic will be left . The syllabus For maths will be covered twice in the duration. And our grantee everything Will come from our notes.

Special Emphasis are given on the short cut methods. For the Examination making sure the child becomes a human calculator. The second portion that is reasoning we will be covering, from our notes more than 3000 plus questions and we guarantee 90 percent will come through our notes. This will also be covered twice .. Thereby, our candidates score a minimum of 135 out of 150 in this section. That’s why we are the best AFCAT Coaching Center In India.

Now the other two sections English and Vocabulary . This also is 50 questions in total. For English we cover a total of 3000 plus vocabulary words and guarantee all will come in the paper same for idioms and phrases . For other sections of English each exercise is practised in detail. Making one a master of words and English. Making English one’s second language.

And finally the Gk section every year we prepare our notes dossier in detail in which we complete the entire . Notes which is 100 pages booklet and hence students can score 90 percent minimum marks in the papers for GK. Make sure you learn it by heart and we promise to make you score the marks we have mentioned. This is why we are amongst the Top Ranked AFCAT Coaching Academy In India.

What Success rate we have?

Our Success rate also depends on the candidates who join us. We guarantee selection to every candidate who scores more than 50% in our papers; inclusive all mock and monthly test. We have had batches where we have had an entire lot of candidates get through and sometimes it has been a case where 50% of the candidates make the grade. The effort from us is the same but candidates output also vary the selection. There is no shortcut to success if we give you the effort we expect the same from you.

Procedure to Join the Best AFCAT Coaching Academy In India?

Step 1: To join NCA the best AFCAT Academy in India one needs to go and click on join.

Step 2: Choose the Course you want to join In for along with the duration of the course.

Step 3: fill out your details that is your date of birth and qualification and other details

Step 4: Check out.

Step 5: Pay the fees and your joining into the best AFCAT coaching centre in India. I.e. NCA will be confirmed.


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    What are the major differences between AFCAT and CDS written?

    In AFCAT one needs to do reasoning which is around 32 questions which re not here in CDS. Secondly, CDSE being an UPSC Paper its GK section will be much more elaborative as compared to the AFCAT Section.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Can one become a pilot through AFCAT examination?

    Yes, one can become a pilot through AFCAT there are various entries open through AFCAT such as:

    • Ground Duty ( Non Technical)
    • Ground Duty ( Technical )
    • Logistics
    • Flying
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    What is the minimum and maximum age to apply for AFCAT Examination?

    Age – 20 to 24 years (at the time of commencement of course)
    Nationality – Indian
    Marital Status – Single

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    How can one prepare for the AFCAT Examinations Mathematics Section?

    There are large number of books available . But, first lets dissect the mathematics paper it will be a total of 18 questions . As per the present standard of the paper there will be 14 easy to moderate questions and there will be a total of 4 difficult questions in the paper. So one can use books like RS Agagrwal For basic level and when pushing for more difficulty one can refer to books such as cat Level like Arun Sharma for cat . Also what makes a difference is your speed of doing the questions.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Are questions repeated in AFCAT Examination?

    The questions are not repeated in the AFCAT Examination they are the different. But going through previous years papers helps you know the level of the questions that have come and might come in the future.

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    Are 10 years papers for AFCAT Examination Really Effective?

    The answer to is a big no. for a reason they AFCAT paper which are given in the market are not correct they do more harm then good as students tend to prepare topics which are not correct. From 2016 the AFCAT paper is not allowed out because of this, the paper is made from memory and since reasoning cannot be memorised. The Papers printed are all wrong so please make sure, you do not waste your time in doing question which have not come. For your convenience we are adding the papers which were allowed out . So that is helps you better . https://afcat.cdac.in/AFCAT/downloadpaper.html

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    What is the education qualification for the flying branch for AFCAT?

    Educational Qualifications:
    (i) Flying Branch. Candidates should have mandatorily passed with a minimum of 50% marks each in Maths and Physics at 10+2 level and (a) Graduation with minimum three years degree course in any discipline from a recognized University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent. OR (b) BE/B Tech degree (Four years course) from a recognised University
    with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent. OR (c) Candidates who have cleared Section A & B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India from a recognised University with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent.

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    What are the educational qualification for the ground duty (technical branch)?

    Ground Duty (Technical) Branch. (aa) Aeronautical Engineer (Electronics) {AE (L)}. Candidates with a minimum of 50% marks each in Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level and a minimum of four years degree graduation/integrated post-graduation qualification in Engineering/ Technology from recognized University OR cleared Sections A and B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India or Graduate membership examination of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers by actual studies with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent in the following disciplines:- (aaa) Communication Engineering. (aab) Computer Engineering/Technology. (aac) Computer Engineering & Application. (aad) Computer Science and Engineering/Technology. (aae) Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    (aaf) Electrical and Electronics Engineering. (aag) Electrical Engineering. (aah) Electronics Engineering/ Technology.(aaj) Electronics Science and Engineering. (aak) Electronics. (aal) Electronics and Communication Engineering. (aam) Electronics and Computer Science. (aan) Electronics and/or Telecommunication Engineering. (aao) Electronics and/or Telecommunication
    Engineering (Microwave). (aap) Electronics and Computer Engineering. (aaq) Electronics Communication and Instrumentation Engineering. (aar) Electronics Instrument & Control. (aas) Electronics Instrument & Control Engineering. (aat) Instrumentation & Control Engineering. (aau) Instrument & Control Engineering. (aav) Information Technology. (aaw) Spacecraft Technology.
    (aax) Engineering Physics. (aay) Electric Power and Machinery Engineering. (aaz) Infotech Engineering. (aba) Cyber Security.

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    What are the educational Qualification for the Ground Duty (Non Technical) Branch?

    Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Branches.
    (aa) Administration. Passed 10+2 and Graduate Degree (Minimum three years degree course) in any discipline from a recognised university with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent or cleared section A & B examination of Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers (India) or Aeronautical Society of India from a recognised university with a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent. 5 (ab) Education. Passed 10+2 and Post-Graduation with 50% in any discipline including integrated courses offering PG (Single degree without permission to exit and lateral entry) and with 60% marks in Graduation in any discipline.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What are the Educational Qualification For the Metrology department?

    Meteorology. Passed 10+2 and Post Graduate Degree in any Science stream/ Mathematics/Statistics/ Geography/ Computer Applications/ Environmental Science/ Applied Physics/Oceanography/ Meteorology/ Agricultural Meteorology/ Ecology & Environment/ Geo-physics/Environmental Biology with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together (Provided Maths and Physics were studied at Graduation Level with a minimum of 55% marks in each).

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    Where can One Apply for the AFCAT Examinations?

    Aspirants for IAF are required to apply online by using the link https://careerindianairforce.cdac.in, or https://afcat.cdac.in. Aadhaar Card is mandatory for online registration.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is the syllabus for Standard and Syllabus of the AFACT Examination?

    Syllabus (aa) English. Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Completion/ Filling in of correct word, Synonyms, Antonyms and Testing of Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases. (ab) General Awareness. History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defence, Art, Culture, Sports, etc. (ac) Numerical Ability. Decimal Fraction, Time and Work, Average, Profit & Loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion and Simple Interest, Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams). (ad) Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test. Verbal Skills and Spatial Ability. (ii) Standard. The standard of Numerical Ability Questions will be of Matriculation level. The standard of questions in other subjects will be of graduation level (Indian University).

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What documents are to be carried for the AFSB Interview?

    Documents for AFSB. Candidates are required to bring the following relevant documents, which will be checked during AFSB testing:-

    1. AFCAT Admit Card.
    2. Original Matriculation/Secondary School Certificate and Mark sheets issued by CBSE/ ICSE/ State Board. No other certificate will be accepted for verification of Date of Birth.
    3. Original Marks Sheet & Certificate of 10+2 (issued by the relevant Board).
    4. Original/ Provisional Graduation Degree/ Post Graduation Degree Certificates and Mark Sheet of each year/ semester issued by University – only for verification of educational qualifications to check eligibility for the course. Provisional Certificate issued by college Principal is not acceptable. However, Provisional Degree Certificate issued by the University is acceptable.
    5. In case of final year/ semester students, a Certificate from the College Principal, clearly mentioning the following aspects annotated with proper stamp and seal of the Institution is required:- (aa) Name of the College. (ab) Name of the University. (ac) Discipline in which Graduation/ Post Graduation obtained. (ad) Aggregate Percentage. (ae) Likely Date of Declaration of Final Result (in DD/MM/YYYY Format).
    6. Two attested photocopies of each of the above mentioned certificates.
    7. Original NCC Certificate (if applicable).
    8. NOC from employers for candidates working in Central/ State Govt. or Public Sector Undertakings.
    9. Original valid Commercial Pilots’ License, issued by DGCA, if applicable.
    10. Inbound Railway Ticket/ Bus Tickets. (For refund of Travelling Allowance)
    11. Candidates are also advised to bring twenty copies of recent passport size colour photographs taken in light coloured clothes against white background for documentation.
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    What is the minimum percentage required in 12th standard and with which subjects can one sit for the AFCAT Written examination?
    Percentage required is a minimum of 50% in physics and maths. This is in your 12th standard.
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    Are Girls also legible for the AFCAT Written examination?
    Girls are eligible for the AFCAT examination in Flying ground technical and non-technical also.
  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is the training period in the air force academy?
    Once you clear your written and Air Force SSB the duration for flying and ground duty Technical is 74 weeks whereas that of non-technical is 52 weeks.
  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Is a permanent commission offered in Flying branch through the AFCAT written examination paper?
    Till now no permanent commission is offered in the Flying branches.
  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What is the duration of the short service commission in air force?
    The duration of the short service commission in the Indian Air Force Academy is a total of 14 years.
  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Can the short service commission be converted into a permanent service commission in the Indian Airforce?

    The question has two parts first for flying the short service commission will remain a short service commission. For other commissions it can be converted to permanent depending upon the vacancy of officers, your performance during your tenure and further need of officers.

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