AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh

New Careers Academy: The One Stop Destination for AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh

During Covid 19, New Careers Academy is offering online Live Interactive Sessions for aspirants across india. Since 1967, we have been providing Defense Exam Coaching with 38000 success stories with 2nd and 3rd generation officers.


New Careers Academy is best academy for AFCAT Coaching In Chandigarh. We at New Careers Academy provide coaching for AFCAT written examinations from the commencement of the exam by Air force.

We have a very accomplished faculty that is highly trained for providing an insight to student regarding AFCAT examinations. Not only do we provide coaching to students regarding the complete Syllabus, we also take weekly and monthly mock tests of the students. The monthly mock test being conducted as in the case of this exam. We analyse each test and also the various portions a student is weak in so that we can help the student, do better and clear the examinations.

We also go through previous years papers with the students and keep update our notes every year.

The students are well accustomed to the changing patterns of the Syllabus and the student can surely achieve success. Notes are provided from our side for all the topics.

That is way we are the BEST in AFACT coaching all across INDIA. We have students coming from all across India. Apart from AFCAT Coaching; we also provide NDA ,CDA and SSB coaching in Chandigarh.

We commit is what we offer, we guarantee 90 percent from our notes which no institute guarantees. We have a dedicated faculty and not which is hire and which keeps on changing. Col. Sharma Sir teaches Science to the candidates, Air Force Officer Mandair Sir Social Sciences, Hartaj Sir Maths and Reasoning. Plus this paper is about speed and not about method there can be no one better than in terms of speed and shortcuts.

Hence we say it easily we are the best AFCAT coaching center in India. Plus our MOCK papers will help you evaluate your weakness better. The above videos will help you answer the same. We also advise you not go to Fake Institutions taking our name in that regard as we are them. We have separate classes for all papers and not one classroom where everyone is fit in. BEWARE OF SUCH INSTITUTIONS WANTING TO MAKE QUICK MONEY PLAYING WITH YOUR FUTURE. Also we make sure our students work in night time also and we are there to guide them in the hostel none such institution would even do this.

Why choose New Careers Academy for AFCAT Coaching in Chandigarh?

Estd. in 1967, we have been providing AFCAT written coaching for over 5 decades, and not just a year or two ago as various other institutes. Please be aware of such institutes.

We can give in written a candidate will get through provided he gets 35% in our mock tests and monthly papers.

Our notes will carry 90% of the paper that will come in the exam.

We are proud to say that over three generation of officers have got through us.

In every batch we have a second or third generation student coming to us for coaching.

We guarantee to teach you Maths short cuts and we can tell you there will be no one better than us.

Our AFCAT written batches run through out the year, with no break what so ever.

We have our own hostel and not a PG accommodation so that our students get best of the facilities.

We see to it our students in the hostel study from 9 P.M. to 12 P.M. daily in the hostel with us keeping a check on them ( Separate study halls are provided in the hostel).

Separate Hostel is provided for Girls.

We teach 240 working hours in a month with no holidays being observed, more than anyone. Classes are held in morning as well evening and 8 hours a day. We have all days working.

All students are required to speak in ENGLISH so that a base can be set up for all students for SSB also, we believe in grooming our students to a level they can all aspire to be.

And the last 10 days before the paper we provide free refresher classes we do this so as to revise everything whatever you have done. NO INSTITUTION PROVIDES THIS WHATSOEVER.

We are the only Institute in which AFCAT Answer keys are taken out as early as possible as we have a mastery on the complete topic.

We are cheapest and yet the best.

Our batches start 1st and 15th of every month. The classes are held 8 hours daily with no holidays are observed even national holidays are working for us. The classes will be from morning 08.00 hours to 13.00 hours and then again from 16.00 to 19.00 hours. Saturdays and Sundays are also working for us.

What Success rate we have?

Our Success rate also depends on the candidates who join us. We guarantee selection to every candidate who scores more than 50% in our papers; inclusive all mock and monthly test. We have had batches where we have had an entire lot of candidates get through and sometimes it has been a case where 50% of the candidates make the grade. The effort from us is the same but candidates output also vary the selection. There is no shortcut to success if we give you the effort we expect the same from you.