women to be allowed to fly as fighter pilots in iaf

A Historical Verdict Women Officers soon to fly IAF JETS by 2017

women to be allowed to fly as fighter pilots in iaf

women to be allowed to fly as fighter pilots in iaf


In a remarkable decision, by the government on Saturday it has given the green light to the induction of women into the fighting arms of the Indian Air Force (IAF). The accord will lead to the introduction of women fighter pilots into the Indian Air Force. Defence ministry representative Sitanshu Kar issued an statement which talked about the introduction of the women will soon begin from the current bunch. Air chief Marshal Arup Raha had on October 8 talked about the idea for such an introduction was being talked with the defence ministry and that a finding was anticipated. The first women officer to get into the fighter pilot cockpit might be seen by June 2017.

The Ministry of Defence has agreed to the introduction of the women into the Fighter (Combat) force of the IAF. This forward looking march is in keeping with the ambitions of the Indian women and is in line with present day trends in Armed Forces in case of developed nations,” a statement by defence ministry spokesperson Kar said. The ministry gave explanation regarding its quick decision giving example of that the accomplishment of the women pilots in helicopters and transport branches has been noteworthy with accordance with their male counterparts. “Introduction of women into the fighter branch would accord them with equal opportunity to prove their skill and steel in combat arms as well,” the defence ministry in his statement quoted.

The introduction of the women will begin from the current batch undergoing training of women officers at Air Force Academy (Secunderabad). “After fruitful culmination of the ab-initio training, they would be joining in the fighter branch by June 2016. Thereafter, they would endure advanced training for one year and hence they would enter the fighter pilot cockpit by June 2017,” the statement said.

Presently, the Army has been enlisting women officers in the cores such as Engineers, Signals,, Army Aviation (Air Traffic Control), Army Air Defence, ASC, Ordinance, Intelligence, medical and education corps of the service. While the Indian Air Force has been enlisting  women into the transport and helicopter branches, the  verdict makes way for career opportunities for women officers in all the streams of the  Indian Air Force. The declaration said that a all inclusive review of introduction of women in short service as well as permanent commission has been initiated.


The decision is a remarkable decision by the IAF, to allow the females into flying jets.

We have seen nowdays women candidates are much more focused than, male counterparts. We are also proud to have produced India’s First Flying Officer late Harita Deol and twins sisters to get through GDO(c). Hope to see more concessions for the women soon ..


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