5 Tips That Should Ensure That One Clears The P.P.D.T. Test

Top 5 tips for clearing PPDT

5 Tips That Should Ensure That One Clears The P.P.D.T. Test



Top 5 tips for clearing PPDT

Top 5 tips for clearing PPDT

Five Tips to Clear the PPDT In First Attempt

Five Tips so as To Clear the PPDT: Most of the candidates are facing the problem of screened out, where most of them are not able to project themselves and are not even to face the complete five days at the S.S.B. Hence one is not even able to show his qualities to the Officers who are to asses them, that is in the case of the G.T.O., the I.O. and the Psychologist. Hence all the Preparation one has down for these tests, would otherwise go to waste. It is nowadays seen approximately 60% candidates are rejected on the very first day (although the number keep varying according to different batch size).
The PPDT is something which happens on the very first day it is a part of the screening test which also includes the O.I.R. test also known as the Officer Intelligence Rating Test. Let me first describe the PPDT process to all of you, one first eggs to see a blurred or a hazy picture, for 30 seconds and after that one get maximum of 4 minutes to writes down his perception on the paper. Hence one needs to score well in his OIR as well as his story should reflect basic qualities which an officer must have or what we term as the officer like qualities (OlQ’s). The narration of the story tells the assessors about the potential you posses so that you can be kept assessed for all 5 days. These are the following guru mantras one needs to work on so as to clear the PPDT

One should see the picture properly
The first mistake candidate tends to make is without observing the picture properly. One starts writing down a story which, is either crammed by him or he has leant from someone. The most common mistake amongst aspirants is they read a story of selected candidate for PPDT and they write and speak the same story without paying much attention what was the picture that selected candidate got. This tends to make it very clear to an assessor, that one is trying to hide his natural reaction. And, thats they reason why he gets rejected. This where proper assessors are needed to train we at NCA do not believe giving copy pasted stories but like to correct you on your own story and how to make it better.

Make a proper sketch as to how you would write down the story
During the 30 seconds given to you to observe the picture one should make at least one or two stories in his mind and decide between the story he thinks best and should make sure he writes it down along with proper description i.e. in past, present and future. Avoid cutting and overlapping as it shows change of idea, and persons inclination was towards something else .

While narrating the story make it short and precise
The most important about PPDT is your narration, one can write down the best of stories, but what makes a difference is how one narrates it. One needs to be methodical on needs to come to the problem as early as possible and give a detailed solution to the problem. While narrating you need not use adjectives to describe your character but the heroes actions should give away his qualities.

This is something I am mentioning in the BOLD, specially for a reason one should not make eye contact with his assessors and one should only look at the candidates who are sitting around him/her. At the SSB’s even the assessors mention the same thing to the candidates prior to one starts speaking his/her story. Hence aspirants make sure you look at the candidates and not the assessors.

Give healthy Points In the Group Discussion
Again a major mistake amongst the candidates is that they think that by shouting or speaking too much in the group discussion one can get through. It is a myth, what matters is what points one adds so as to make people attracted toward his point of view. Give insightful suggestions which take the discussion forward and not backward .. Give a view point which all the people in the group accept very easily and stay in awe of you .
Still aspirants If you have any difficulty or feel you need to have  individual assessment of your personality done and as to what could be the reasons for your previous SSB’s or you need mentoring by proper assessors feel free to contact the staff NCA who have been precious GTO’s, I.O.’s and Psychologist at various boards. Or you can add us on facebook or write to me in the message section. Our Job is to asses you and make sure you are no longer cramming but be improving on your own true personality.


Capt. N.S. Dhaliwal

Director New Careers Academy

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