5 Personality Traits needed To Be A Winner in Life

5 Personality Traits need to be A winner in life

5 Personality Traits needed To Be A Winner in Life

5 Personality Traits need to be A winner in life

5 Personality Traits need to be A winner in life

What does one mean when you say someone has a good personality?


It means we are attracted by ones personality

It is ones personality which attracts people towards you or it can push them away from you .

Therefore, what you project to someone is very important , hence we need to understand as to what makes us attractive to everyone around us.

How Can one be Impressive?

The myth which have been created about being impressive is the following some people believe  good looks and the way one’s physical features are, is what makes one attractive, but if we consider one of the prominent personality in our country such as Sachin Tendulkar, Ajay Devgan its not just good looks which matters.
More misconceptions about being impressive is one who are highly brainy, or those who are super rich would be impressive. This is all wrong its not true all brainy people are crowd pullers.

Hence what is that, can make your personality a crowd puller and attract all the people around you. Let’s have a look at it below

Five ways to have a an Attractive Personality

Suggestion -1: One Needs to remain Positive in Life
One’s Body language and personality should also exude positivity all the time. A positive minded person would always look things in a positive way, for a positive person the sun never sets but it is always rising. One does need to dwell in the past and only look at positive things to come in the future. Smile warmly, spread good cheer, and enliven others with your presence.
A person who looks at faults at everything around him would always stay gloomy, so one need to be upright and positive.

Suggestion -2- Be well Dressed
It means that one should have a good physique, physical fitness and one can carry himself/herself with a lot of self esteem. One’s mannerism defines oneself. A good mannered person who looks cheerful, dynamic and full of energy will always stand out.  That is the reason all the ARMED FORCES OFFICERS have a distinct identity.

Suggestion -3 One should be well informed
One should always  look forward to expand ones knowledge, so that one can easily take part in any of the discussion or conversation amongst people. With knowledge one can talk of well informed points and make the conversations very interesting and hence he/she tends to be likened by all.

Also one needs to be an effective listener to gain some knowledge also.

Suggestion -4 One needs to be approachable
A person who gives respects to all is welcomed by all. Give everybody a chance to speak and let them express their viewpoint. One should not be rude with other people but always smiling, and should be humble so that one can win the hearts of others. One needs to be down to earth and make sure he/she is able to pull up others.One should avoid making fun on others expense.

Suggestion -5 Have a good banter and be jovial
It is a fact someone having a smile will be likened by  many more people as compared to people who tend to have a frown on their face.
Be lively and interesting, a positive person can always make people around them happy and joyous. Make sure you show high energy and are able to make people smile . A person who can bring about a smile in a persons life

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