15 Things That Differentiate an Army Man

15 Things That Differentiate an Army Man

15 Things That Differentiate an Army Man

15 Things That Differentiate an Army Man

15 Things That Differentiate an Army Man, Nca india’s leading Coaching center for SSB NDA AFCAT CDS

1. The time when you wear the dark coloured aviators and walk out in the olive green dress everyone looks at you ..  The Green Gypsy catches more attention than Bentleys and Audis put together

2. The time when the language of your men is know more to you than your mother tongue .

3. The time when the pain does not rule you, but you rule the pain.

4. The time when your unit is your family and there honour is the only thing important to you.

5. The time when your profession is the main criteria for marriage.

6. The time when your own safety does not matter and that of the country and the men you command is more important to you.

7. The time when you do not believe in Ghost but the “Peer Baba” and your unit folk fore make you invincible even before death.

8. The time when the common Public takes you as Tiger, Rambo all one.

9. The time when you are good at all the menial jobs which people will call domestic help for, but you will like to do things by yourself .

10. The time when you patrol with your men and even a small disturbance can alert you and fore tell something wrong might happen.

11. The time when you have seen all of India travelling with your unit and you know know more than the tourist guides also.

12. The time when you walk even in civil dress and people know from far off that a “FAUJI” is walking by.

13. The time when simple sign boards confuse you but the compass becomes your best friend wherever you go..

14. The time when the service comes before self for you.

15.The time when you can die for what you have lived for ..

That my friends is called INDIAN ARMED FORCES…..
A way of life

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