10 Things You Should Know About The Recently Concluded Joint Indo- China Exercise

India_China Joint exercise

10 Things You Should Know About The Recently Concluded Joint Indo- China Exercise

The fifth round of the joint India-China defence exercises finished up today in the Chinese city of Kunming where the two nations were holding a unique mock drills working on the counter-terror operations at the Indo-China border

“A joint drill undergoing the counter-terrorist drills on the Indo-China border was held from 21 to 22 October to certify the exercise aims,” a statement by Indian Defence Ministry said.

“A series of adventurous and  tactical conditions  were presented to certify  the opinion and reactions of the sub-units and a very high-level of professionalism and teamwork  was seen among troops of both the nations ,” it said.

1. A video of the exercise was released by the ministry showing both the nations in a combined operation capturing  and destroying  a terrorist camp.

2. A drill featuring armies from both sides of  the border was considered significant as there have been very recurrent tensions between the two armies in the Ladakh region, where Indian troops reacted on various attempts by their Chinese counterparts to stake a claim on the  portion of the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

3. Such points were talked about at the periodic meetings of Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China Border Affairs (WMCC) and also counting the one held here in the second week of this month.

4. Citing to the Kunming drills, the press release said that the joint drills has “met its stated goal; so as to exchange contact on the counter-terrorist to help bolster the healthy military relations between the two nations.”

5. Officials say the significant feature of this drills is that both sides designed special exercises, gathering up their anti-terrorism knowledge.

6. While India has been countering aggression by the terrorists in areas of Kashmir, China is fighting the terror threat from East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) in Xinjiang for the past few years.

7. India and China have worked in different conditions each time so that the groups from various commands are disclosed to each other.

8. This year, India has given a go ahead to the 2nd Battalion of Naga Regiment from Eastern Command, which guards the China border, while China stationed units from the 14 Corps of Chengdu Military Region, which works  on the Indian borders.

9. The 10-day exercises Given the name  ‘Hand-in-Hand’ was chaired by a joint group of observers, who asserted contentment at the degree of assimilation acoomplished, said the statement.

10. The drill, consisted of over 175 troops from each nation, signed off with an impressive closing ceremony.

India_China Joint exercise

The next round of exercises will be held in India in 2016.

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